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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  November 18, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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morning. now, let's get a look at what accuweather has in store for the weekend, with meteorologist chris sowers. good morning, nydia. this weekend it's a mixed bag. tomorrow will be okay, it's today clouds roll in and we'll have rain by afternoon. 26 in coatsville, 28 in pottstown, quakertown, partly cloudy skies, 25. warminster, 30. newtown, 28. media, a chilly 31. vineland, 26. hammonton, 27. cinnaminson 29. claymont, new castle county, delaware. 28 degrees, very cold this morning, temperatures moderate this afternoon, though. as the system, you can see the rain approaching from the west here. as the system gets closer and closer, the wind will shift in a south/southwesterly direction just like that. it will push the warmer air in the virginias and the carolinas northward into the lehigh valley. the clouds roll in and we'll get
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the shower activity we're currently picking up across western pennsylvania. that will be later this afternoon. i think for the most part, the heaviest moisture will push north into up state new york area. half marathon starts at 70:00 a.m. we're looking at increasing clouds, it's chilly, 39 degrees. sunday's full marathon starting around 7:00, sun and clouds, winds picking up. 47 degrees. gusts out of the southwest 40 to 45 miles per hour. nydia. >> thank you. keep up with the changes in the forecast by visiting or downloading the 6abc free app. feather investigators may get their first chance to get into the charred barclay friends senior living community in chester county. firefighters continued to hose smoldering hot spots 24 hours later. federal authorities have not
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began their investigation because the building is too hot to enter. once they do, they will have the task of determining what started the blaze. 160 people were inside the home in west chester when the flames erupted thursday night. 27 people were injured, but it is still unclear if everyone was rescued or anyone is missing or dead. resident mary mcquinoas -- mckeen was inside. >> she said there's a fire, had hurry up. she put me in the wheelchair and everybody was following us and she was saying come on. >> most residents were relocated to other senior living facilities in the area. philadelphia police are trying to track down a man who is trying to lure teenage boys
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into his car for sex. the lead investigators is sending out a warning. we get more on that from "action news" reporter, dann cuellar. >> it's sick, you know what i am, it's mentally sick, he's got a problem. >> reporter: people reacting in east mount erie where a predator tried to lure a 16-year-old boy into his car that was monday evening around 5:00 p.m. >> he asked him he wanted to make money by performing a sex act on the offender, or performing one on him. >> reporter: four or five blocks away, at stenton at haynes in germantown, he did it again approaching another 16-year-old male waiting for a bus. in both incidents he showed them porn graphic videos on his cell phone and the young men ignored him and got away. >> i'm shocked. >> reporter: police believe it's the same man, a light complected black male in his 20s with a mustache and beard. he lured two brothers an 11 and
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14-year-old into his car this happened at a gas station ridge avenue in strawberry mansion. he lured them into his gray or silver car and assaulted them before they managed to escape. >> he seems to be getting much more aggressive. >> reporter: seems like he is not going to stop. >> it would seem that way, yes. >> reporter: police warning their children. >> stranger danger, even teenagers, those years is always important you tell your children not to speak to strangers, of course. >> reporter: if anyone knows the man or knows his whereabouts, call 215-546-tips. that's the special special -- 215686 tips. authorities have identified the man arrested for a woman's murder in woodbury new jersey.
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brandon wilson is charged with killing the woman. he used a piece of gym equipment and killed the woman who was housesitting for the owner. he had just been released from jail the day before the alleged murder. philadelphia police and the fbi say they are looking for this bank robber who held up the td bank at ridge avenue and hermit street at gun point. it happened at 10:00 a.m. nobody was hurt. investigators hope someone will recognize the safety vest he wore that says c-80 on the back. president trump said he is putting elephant hunts on hold. advocates of trophy hunting are paid to hunt to support animal conservation efforts.
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the reversal of the obama era policy led to widespread condemnation. others pointed out that his own sons are avid big game hunters. philadelphia marathon steps off this morning. some of the runners taking part in the full marathon were invited to a full race dinner at the double tree hotel in center city. it was an opportunity for runners to connect with each other and bringing awareness to the fight against cancer that will benefit from the proceeds of the races. expect road closures along the benjamin franklin parkway, the river drive and into center city. >> [cheers and applause]. >> a big cheer for the champ, conostoga boys soccer team returned last night to berywn, chester county as state champions, they arrived with new hardware and to lots of fans. the boys beat hepfield.
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>> we set the goal to win the league, win the district and win the state. we accomplished that tonight in grand fashion. >> the boys say working as a team at all times has led to the championship. black friday is a week away, you're a black friday playbook for 6abc viewers at, here's abc's rebecca jarvis with other hot markdowns. >> reporter: a week before black friday, the deals out in full force. amazon delivering new down the daily. we spotted this samsung 54-inch tv 3 pun dollars off. they say headphones $120 off. perks for prime members like special coupons and free shipping. 30 day trial manipulate --
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uniquely philadelphia will be offered this year at center city's christmas village. shoppers can pick up collectibles created cruising the materials from love park. 250 bricks will be for sale for $50 each. each brick features an engraved design similar to the famous love sculpture. it is official, the best bathroom in america has a shark tank. the odyssey aquarium was named for having the best restroom of the career. the shark tank was replaced for the mirror. they presented the aquarium with the award along with a
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2,500-dollar check that can be used for any of the company as cleaning products or services. >> reporter: interesting. >> shark tank in the bathroom. >> reporter: what do you due if you need to look at yourself in the mirror. >> good luck. >> reporter: good luck. let's get you outside, definitely interesting. let's show you the view over the ben franklin bridge. it's a quiet saturday morning, but chilly, temperatures in the 20s and 30 right now him you'll need to bundle up first thing this morning mg. by afternoon you'll she had layers. 27 in millville. philadelphia, 36 degrees. poconos, 30ment trenton, 29. cape may, 46 degrees. the numbers are a good, let us say 9 to 17 degrees warmer than yesterday. the winds have shifted direction, we're seeing the south/southeasterly breeze develop that will be good enough
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to get temperatures close to that, charleston, 56. later this afternoon. the 60s will be to the southwest. warm front comes in later this afternoon. cold front arrives tomorrow morning and the numbers start to fall off sunday afternoon and monday. in between, we'll get a little bit of light rain. you can see showers this is where the center of low pressure is presently sitting just southwest of buffalo. it will lift to the northeast like this pushing through upstate new york. the heaviest rain, the yellows, oranges and reds will lift to the north. suppose showers and light rain is possible later this afternoon. here's future tracker 6, the heaviest by far stays well out here by the ohio valley. that sweeps through first. the cold front comes in first thing tomorrow morning. we'll start out with sunshine, maybe an hour or two worth of sun. we'll see the clouds roll in and you can see the showers shifting out of the of the south, we hold the wet weather off until after
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lunchtime. the light period of rain comes in between 1:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. lighter shades of green. every now and then you'll pick up something heavier than a shower, but not too heavy. that lifts to the north. overnight tonight here comes round number two this is associated with the cold front. if you look closely, northwestern pennsylvania and western portions of upstate new york, the air becomes cold enough to make it switch over to snow. the winds pick up out of the west/southwest 20 to 30 miles per hour with gusts up to 40 to 45 miles per hour. mostly cloudy for today. a couple of showers possible later this afternoon. it's very, very mild. 54 in philadelphia. 56 in millville. near 60 for cape may and dover. 48 in allentown. lancaster, 52. trenton, 52 degrees. overnight tonight, mild a lot of these temperatures are close to
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the normal high for this time of the career. 50 degrees in philadelphia. millville 52, dover, 52. cape may, 54. numbers north and west, reading, 60 degrees, allentown, 45. cloudy anticipate breezy with the period of rain -- cloudy and breezy periods of rain, 55. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 57 that will occur after midnight. the numbers drop off, by 70:00 we're down to 46. low to mid 40s north and west. through the day, the temperatures hold steady in the upper 40s, philadelphia, 51. trenton, 49. the numbers fall off through the evening hours. so, the warmest part of tomorrow is actually during the morning by afternoon it turns blustery and chilly. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, breezy, showers this afternoon, mild, 54 degrees. tomorrow, it's down right windy gusts 40 to 45 miles per hour. clouds and sun mixed, 57 that's
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an early high. brisk and chilly monday, 47. tuesday we're up again, 56. wednesday is not bad, 54 degrees, showers possible during the morning, look at turk day, 45 degrees, the weather looks nice, it's a little chilly, but we're looking at a combination of sun and clouds. >> i'm so glad it's going to be dry. >> it's always such a beautiful day, chris, thank you. these are new recipients of one of the most prestigious awards in science. as innovators they earned the john scott award it was presented by the american philosophical society founded by ben franklin. jeanette reyes has worked to get school supplies from the dominican republic where her parents are from. walter perez served as emcee.
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he is a proud puerto rican american. historic jfk document is up for sale, the black and white portrait is the last thing john f.kennedy ever signed as president. i includes a handwritten message. he signed in the oval office november 21, 1963, the day before he was assassinated. the prize tag $80,000. an arts collection in ardmore is handling the sale on its website. nice, dad!
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free-range chickens. organic free-range chickens, non-gmo, 100% vegetarian fed - raised with no antibiotics ever! we should post this. perdue. raising more organic chickens than anyone in america. hashtag organic. all the hashtags! video helping herself at a drive through window is in custody. this is the video showing jessica cross climbing through a window in landover maryland last weekend. she pours herself a dreng -- herself and grabs food, and
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making off with cash. >> her husband said she has a drinking problem. >> she got up at some point in the night and wanted something to drink and this happened. >> martin said his wife is aapologetic for the incident and knows she needs help. an in ited killer who escaped from the hawaii psychiatric hospital and made it to california before capture. he was on the lam for four days after escaping the hospital. with nearly $6,000 in cash and fake i.d., the 59-year-old charted a plane from honolulu to maui where he got a flight for san jose. he said he was plaque the escape for 7 years. >> i lost faith in the hospital. i did not feel safe in the hospital. >> reporter: he refuses to say whether he had help. he was scheduled to be back in court november 27. reverend jesse jackson is
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battling parkinson's disease. the despites icon was diagnosed -- civil rights icon was diagnosed two years ago. jackson said he is making lifestyle changes to slow the progression of the neurological disorder. "healthcheck" this morning, ear infections are common especially this time of year for children 6 months old and school age. it starts with a cold or ciewf for three or -- cold or cough for three or four days and gets worse. if kids are tugging on their ear it's no the a clear sign of infection. >> kids will pull at their ear for a lot of different reasons, many times it's not an ear infection. it may be that they are teething they are feeling the pain referred to their ear. or behavior thing and sometimes
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it's an ear infection. >> for kids with persistent ear infections ear tubes may be an option. we'll look at students getting an associates degree while working towards a high school deploma. >> meteorologist chris sowers will will be back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. ♪ all you smart holiday shoppers will be glad to know buick has great deals planned for you this black friday. or, if you prefer, crimson red tintcoat friday. or quicksilver metallic friday? ♪ ring in the holidays with buick. it's the enclave black friday event at your buick dealer.
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back everyone, 5:54 a.m., saturday morning, forecast for today, a sliver sun first thing this morning and clouds roll in. showers possible this afternoon. poconos period of rain. 58 down the shore, 54 in philadelphia. 352 in the poconos. the pattern becomes very progressive. it's mild today and first thing tomorrow it's mild, as well. we get on the backside of the departing storm. the winds shift out of the northwest and we see the colder pocket of air settle in across
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the mid atlantic and the northeast. the jet stream this is la nina at its finest, the scream looks like, there's philadelphia right there. this is chilly air, not too cold, just chilly. the cold stuff is up through here. it is staying north up in canada. in order to get that cold in the mid atlantic and the southern portions of the united states permanently we need a blocking area of high pressure here, we have not seen that drop just yet. the high will force the cold portion of the jet down in the mid atlantic and the pacific jet looks like this. and then it will turn colder. until that hams we'll see ups and downs with the temperatures over the next few days, by the end of this month and first part of december, this set up might takes place, but it's hit or miss among the forecast models. a center city school is one of of a kinds, some students are
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working through college while in high school. scene scene took a look. >> the program is giving me experience of what i can get it in the future. >> reporter: mayor kenny toured a one of kind high school in philadelphia that's giving students a valuable educational advantage over their peers. if we help them with the resources and pay attention to the trends in education. >> reporter: parkway middle college is a college that offers college bound students to get an associates degree from the community of philadelphia and earning their diploma. students graduate from high school and go to their junior year of college. >> they don't have to worry about the burden of two years of finances. >> reporter: the program is in first career and currently only 9th graders are enrolled.
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with tuition skyrocketing and competition with schools growing more fierce. it was an opportunity for students to take advantage of it although it means a heavy workload. >> i always had as and bs, it's pushing me to strive, i always have my hands full. >> the future for everyone, knowing we want to get a degree graduate high school, it's a wonderful experience. >> reporter: currently about a quarter of the students are enrolled in middle college, principal brown said by 2021, the entire school will be a middle college. reporting in spring garden, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> it's an interesting concept that seems to be working. >> 5:57 a.m., heartwarming and heart rending story of a crowning boy trying to fit in.
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plus we'll help you get creative for a new look for your living room. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., saturday, gray is off, i'm nydia han. here's some of the stories we're following for you. an elderly man is rushed to the hospital after a raging fire breaks out in his north philadelphia home overnight. what sparked in inferno at a chester county senior citizen facility. investigator hope to get a first look inside one day after the inferno sent residents into the cold night air. it's a cold start this morning before rain gets into the region. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist chris sowers, good morning, i didn't -- chriss chilly out there. >> reporter: i have the gloves on, the temperatures are dropped into the 20s and 0s. we don't have a gusty breeze so we're not seeing windchills. 26 in coatsville, 28 in pottstown. 32 in kutztown. malvern, 3


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